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some ultra-Rare underground fanzines/newspapers & magazine reviews/articles

rock hard USAWay back in the early days of metal, one had to do all the self-promoting they could afford in order to increase awareness about their band.

There were no computers, no internet, but plenty of glue, scissors, and xerox machines available! The underground fanzine scene was basically the only method bands and fans had of connecting.

Placing ads, sending out tapes for review, and trading addresses was all standard operating procedure.

....from "RockHard USA"

heavy fuckin' metalWe would haunt metal record stores like Bleeker Bob's & Rock 'n Roll Heaven and bought up as many 'zines as we could find. Scanning each issue for info, contacts, and ad information.

Many of these publications had a very small print run, and very few lasted more than a few issues.

The best ones were well-written, informative
and entertaining, no matter how cheaply they appeared.

But ya gotta admit, that old photo-copied
look has a cool funkiness to it



from "Heavy Fucking Metal" fanzine...

metal forces demo reviewA review in Metal Forces (which was like TIME magazine compared to the cheaply xerox-ed ones) virtually guaranteed dozens of requests from smaller 'zines for material.

Many bands were launched through this magazine by simply making sure they got a copy of your demo tape. This issue featured a review of our "demo of doom" tape and also had a very ghey pic of early Pantera on the cover. (R.I.P. Dimebag)

....from "Metal Forces" (England)

your fleshWe formed many great relationships with these 'Zines and their writers.

I would say overall, we garnered 85% positive reviews from these rags.
(Is it any wonder we are considered "underground thrash legends?" )

Making little money from sales, it was truely a labor of love for all involved in the underground metal scene.

from "Your Flesh"...

SI advance articleAfter many gigs, sales, and reviews from all over
the world, our local paper, finally decided to do
an article on us.


I think the broad who wrote the
piece really just wanted a helping of
Patty's leather-like shank.

...from the "Staten Island Advance"

ripping headachesripping headaches
metal hammer 4 and a half stars from metal hammer
slam hour playlist slam hour playlist
more reviews, articles, adsmore reviews/articles/ads
metal mania metal mania

monte conner's old playlist...some old playlists
foundations industry magour last effort to get signed...
actual negative reviewsyes, we did get some negative reviews...
pestilence from Italypestilence from Italy ...
rock har-germany...from "Rock Hard" magazine (Germany)
universal brain basherfrom "Universal Brain Basher"...
F.E.T.U. magazine from Japanfrom Japan
heavy fuckin' metalmore from
Heavy Fuckin' Metal
hard rocks...from "Hard Rocks" newspaper
silver city this is an old Ad from "Silver City", whom we were good friends with and were very influencial & supportive of the emerging 80's metal scene.

thunderbolt magazinefrom germany...

As a result of all this promotion,
every week I'd go to the PO
box and get more fanmail,
orders for stuff,
and more requests
for materials from
other fanzines.

Today, it would
be considered "viral"

metal bible fanzine...from Italy

subterranean voice fanzine...subterranean voice fanzine

As a result of the many friendships that were formed during these times, some exist even to this day (see MetalCore)

It was like a thrash brotherhood of sorts, and some of these writers went on to bigger and better things (Monte Conner at RoadRunner for example)

We used to get mail/orders from all over the world, even from behind the Iron Curtain! (the underground tape-trading community was far-reaching, indeed!)

And fan mail! Some mail conversations (especially with female fans) carried on for years, lasting the life span of savage thrust. Many, many requests for t-shirts, tapes, stickers, buttons, fanzines, & vinyl were the norm.

Remember, this was all without a record deal!

Constant diligence, promotion and research was the key. 1st, we'd scan through the fanzines and gather adresses, then select the worthy ones. We then sent out a promo kit which consisted of a tape, bio sheet, 8X10 photo, sticker, business card, and re-printed articles...all enclosed in a custom printed folder with our logo on the front! Many industry people told us it was "THE most professional looking package ever received from an unsigned band!"

In order to obtain these 'zines, you had to frequent the heavy metal stores, make purchases, bullshit to the employees/fans, etc. ...just to keep up with what was happening.

But it was a chore we loved.


unknown review
don't know where this one's from...

sacroformity fanzine...from Denmark


Of course, not being content with simply seeing our band in dozens of 'zines, we decided to issue our own fanzine, 'THRUSTAZINE' ...20 some-odd pages all about savage thrust! I recall a great many hours spent literally clipping & pasting together this fanzine.

The idea came about when I picked up a copy of a fanzine from FL band nasty savage at rock 'n roll heaven. I said: "hey, we should put one of these out!...I could do this!"
... In reality I possessed zero experience except for a bunch of band flyers I had designed. Also, I had nothing except a pile of other underground metal 'zines as a guide, and a bunch of old horror & adult magazines/newspapers to cannibalize.

2 rare pages from the Thrustazine
See the infamous 'THRUSTAZINE'
click on the cover above to read 'em!

rock palace 1rock palace 2
...gotta love these two flyers!

flyer from the class, long islandredspot
like most places we played, these clubs are gone...

Bobby Boch with his custom eat em raw shirt!a very rare pass we handed outBobby Boch & a vintage pass ad we took out to find Jimmy

ed from the 1st gig - 1985more ed from the 1st gig - 1985
2 way old shots of ed from the very first gig in 1985

american liverpool

many fanzines were cheaply published, some never came out-by "fans" whom just wanted to glom
freebies from bands and labels. (note: thankfully, none of these fanzines were in that category!)
toxic threat coveryoung thrash promotion

germany-metal invasion

this was the tape we used to give to the sound guy...
not a review, but pretty funny (read the instructions) opening tape

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