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Underground NY Thrash Legends,
Savage Thrust 1985-1992...

Website for Staten Island, NY - based speed/thrash
metal band, Savage Thrust.
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Vintage Savage Thrust Live on Mexican TV from 1989!


video below: "THE DAMAGE IS DONE"
Rare video from a 1986 benefit concert for WSOU at seton hall university
photo below-Feb. 1986 - somewhere in NJ? ...Possibly the Showplace in Dover...
SAVAGE THRUST - the controversial Eat em raw LP cover 1990

Article below is from www.metaleros.de there's another interview here.

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The band was formed in 1984 in Staten Island / NY, and first they played only cover songs from their idols Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. At this time the line up was Michael Smith (voc), Edmund Varuolo (guitar), Pat Donofrio (guitar), Bob Boch (drums) and Jimmy Gellentien (bass). Soon they wrote their own songs and which were more powerful then their old heroes, and released the "Demo Of Doom". The song "Crown Of Thorns" was also released on the "Speed Metal Hell Vol II" compilation. (New Renaissance Records) ....They planed to record songs for an EP, but instead they recorded the demo "Live Pain" (see pic) and soon followed with a indy-financed single called "But Soon Revenge" (which is now today a very rare collectors item!).

They now played wild Thrash Metal, and instead of an EP they planned now for a full LP, but no record company was interested in them. The bass player left the band and the old roadie Mike Pooch took the job. In Mexico they had some fans in the guys from the "Heavy Metal Subterraneo" fanzine, and they invited the band in March `89! So they went to Mexico and were the first foreign Metal band to play in the country. They even played in TV in the "Musica sin fronteras" show for 40 minutes! End of `89 guitar player Pat Donofrio left the band and Rob Antilla got the job.

another best-selling demo

At this time the album was recorded, but again no company was interested. They released it as cassette. Beginning of 1990 singer Mike Smith left the band. Shortly afterwards, the Mexican friends from "Avanzada Metalica" label released the record on vinyl in May 1990. They recorded 3 more demos in 1991, (with Rob Antila on vocals/guitar) but the band was slowly falling a part! They could not find a new singer, and old style Thrash Metal was very much "out" at home! That they never earned a Cent out of their music made it even worse. So in May of 1992 they played their last gig (in the same club where they played the very first one!)

In the summer of 2000 they made a single reunion gig in the L`amours in Brooklyn. Guitar player Varuolo did not participate, as there was not enough time for rehearsal, and he did not play in ages. He is a working auctioneer/webmaster today , is producing videos and has his own program in cable TV, called "Industrial Television" since 1996. Singer Mike Smith works in a phone company and lives in the north of the state New York. Drummer Bob Boch works today in the Wall Street, and has only played again on the reunion gig. Mike Puch has now a band called Love Hate Theory together with his brother. Pat Donofrio works today wrestling patients in a mental hospital.

this was one of our first (of many!) promo stills... "I've seen boyscouts with more malice in their hearts"

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April, 1986
actual eBay listing!
official ST model
the final line-up
may, 1986 ED
from a real early photo shoot flyer from lamour's
Lamour Crowd 4/86
more from april, 1986
this was backstage somewhere in NJ
more from Lamour back in the day
Acting like idiots-March, 1986
Rare ticket stubs from some metal shows of the 1980s ad taken out in foundations
Jan., 1986
Another official promo still
Ed, May-1986
Bobby Boch-Feb., 1986
rare images from the photo shoot
undeground scene report original ad for bass player
More backstage antics
backstage in Mexico
ST & MOD!!
Rare flyer
Smitty's roots!
ed grimaces escapades flyer with insaniac
rare flyers from ed's wall!
rare flyers from ed's wall!
rare flyers from ed's wall!
rare flyers from ed's wall!
rare flyers from ed's wall!
with Yohta from F.E.T.U. Neri's Flyer
rare flyers from ed's wall!
rare photo/backstage pass from ed's wall!
rare flyers from ed's wall!
rare flyers from ed's wall!
Metal Mania Live Pain review metal maniacs
ST in mexico 1
ST in mexico 3
St in mexico 2
Lamours pass from 1991
1st demo of doom cover
Deathpower playlist shet metal
vintage Lamours flyer
single rear
live at lamours
the toxic twins
Metal Meltdown Review psychomania
hand made tshirt in mexico!
hanging out in Mexico w/George
ed plays his guitar
pat's long lost love
ticket stub for the original headbanger's ball!
Nuclear Assault's Zine
early pre-thrust smitty!
 the original headbanger's ball!
check out the # of friends we have!!!
agony single
rare flyers from ed's wall!
rare flyers from ed's wall!
super Rare album cover art concepts by the late Vince Melcarek another article from aaarrgh
2 rare pages from the Thrustazine
coming soon- the official Savage Thrust biography & compilation CD!
Savage Thrust fondly remembers all the bands we've been honored to share the stage with. They were there with us, back in the day, helping to redefine metal:

Armored Saint, Anthrax, Manowar, Nuclear Assault, Overkill, Exodus, Fate's Warning, White Zombie, The Ramones, Voi Vod (rip Piggy), Vio-lence, Carnivore, Hades, Primal Scream (rip Keith), M.O.D., Whiplash (rip Tony B.), T.T.Quick, Blessed Death, Insaniac, Faith or Fear, Anvil Bitch, Mucky Pup, Jersey Dogs, At War, Bloodfeast, Demolition Hammer, Gothic Slam, School of Violence, Sheer Terror, Transmetal, Enrage, Six Beer, Social Disorder, Rug Rat, Cities, Machine Dog, Silo, Prowler ....more to come as I remember them!
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